How to Order Prox Cards


How to Order Prox Cards

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Prox cards, also called proximity cards or access control cards, are highly specialized cards designed for keyless building security systems – they act as replacements for traditional door locks and keys. The technology behind prox cards can be confusing, so this section will help you better understand your prox card options and how to order them.

  • Prox Card Options

    Prox cards come in a wide range of styles, giving you the ability to customize them for your organization’s needs. This quick overview of card options will help you select your cards.

    • Types of Prox Cards

      Proximity cards come in a wide range of styles from standard blank cards to printable cards, dual-encoded cards with magnetic stripes, key fobs, thick clamshell cards, and more.

    • Prox Card Brands

      Prox cards are available from a wide range of brands - although HID was the first manufacturer, there are now many other options with different card types and price points to match any customer's needs.

    • Prox Card Formats

      The card format describes the data pattern programmed on your cards, and the compatibility with card readers. All prox cards use a radio frequency of 125 kHz to transmit their data to the card reader.

    • Prox Card Facility Code

      Each access control system has a facility code, that identifies your proximity system. This code is represented as a number between 0 and 255.

    • Prox Card Sequence

      Every prox card has a unique card ID number, called a sequence number. You cannot repeat sequence numbers, since duplicate cards will not work. Numbers are between 0 and 65,435.

    • External Printed Number

      By selecting to print the card sequence numbers on your prox cards, each card's unique sequence number is easily visible so you can identify a card and know who that card belongs to in the case of a lost card.

    • Slot Punches

      Slot punched cards attach to lanyards, badge reels, key rings, or other card accessories for easy card access. You can choose to have the manufacturer slot punch them for you, or slot punch them yourself.

    • Custom Pre-Printed Cards

      Customizing your prox cards with artwork allows you to use them as employee IDs, membership cards, security passes, and more. To order these cards, you will need to submit your card design to the manufacturer.

  • Proprietary Card Formats

    Proprietary card formats are prox card formats owned by one company and only available from them – if you have a proprietary card format, you must by future cards from that same company.

  • Processing & Shipping Time

    How fast your prox card order will be processed and shipped depends on several factors including the number of cards ordered, the style of card you choose, and the shipping method selected.

  • Prox Card Returns

    Unfortunately, because all prox cards are processed and encoded to order, proximity cards are not eligible for returns. To make sure your order is correct, contact a prox card expert first.