Processing & Shipping Time

Processing & Shipping Time

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Are you curious how long your prox card order will take? That will depend on the specific cards you ordered and the shipping method you selected.

Please note that if you’re working on a tight deadline, the type of cards you order and the shipping method you select will greatly impact the processing and shipping time. If you need cards quickly, please contact the experts at ProxSource to discuss your options.

How Many Cards You Ordered

Each card in your order needs to be individually programmed with your card format, facility code, and card sequence information. Smaller orders may be processed in as little as 24 hours, but orders of hundreds or thousands of cards will take more time.

If you are ordering a large batch of cards, please allow for several days of processing.

The types of cards you order will also impact processing time – cards that need to be pre-printed and slot punched will take longer than plain cards with no customization.

Shipping Options

Once your order has been processed and the cards are programmed, your order will be shipped to your location. The amount of time shipping takes will depend on the shipping method you selected and your location.

Faster shipping options including overnight or next day air cost more than standard ground shipping or free shipping your card supplier may offer, but your cards will get to you much faster. If shipping time is not an issue, the slower ground shipping is your best option.

The exact shipping options available will vary by business. You should always call if you have any questions about the order processing or shipping time.