Prox Card Adhesive Tags

Prox Card Adhesive Tags

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Small enough to be stuck onto an existing employee ID card, phone, or wallet, these adhesive tags convert objects into access control cards. Just stick the small disk on and go – the small tags work just the same as a full-sized prox card!

How to use Adhesive Tags

Adhesive tags are a great way to turn something your cardholders already have into an access control card. This is used in two main ways – to avoid replacing existing cards with new prox cards (the most common use) or to convert an object your employees always have into their access control card to make sure they remember their cards.

These tags are most often used to:

  • Convert an existing ID card into an access control card, so you don’t need to reprint and reissue cards to all your employees
  • Stick on phones or phone cases as most employees won’t leave their house without their phone
  • Stick on wallets, again because most employees won’t leave the house without their wallet

In addition, these tags can be added to computers, projectors, or other objects to track when they are removed and returned to a room.