Prox Card Brands

Prox Card Brands

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Proximity cards, or access control cards, are available from many manufacturers. HID was the first, and the larges, maker of prox cards but your options have greatly expanded in the last few years so you can now source cards from different brands.

HID Prox Cards

The worldwide leader in access control systems, HID Global offers the largest selection of prox cards, readers, and software. With RFID card systems in use since the 1990s, HID has systems in use across the world.

HID prox cards come in a wide selection of styles including PVC and composite, ISO Prox for printing, clamshell cards, DuoProx magnetic stripe cards, key fobs and tags, and active tags for cars. Each card is custom printed and programmed to your organization’s specifications, creating a secure system.

In addition, HID has created the Corporate 1000 program allowing organizations to register their program and keep a log of their cards to prevent card duplication when ordering your next set of cards.

Generic Prox Cards

Generic prox cards are available from a wide range of manufactures, rivaling the options and quality of the name-brand HID cards at a fraction of the cost.

Some of the generic prox card brands include:

  • AlphaPass
  • Allegion
  • Indala
  • Identiv

For a full list of your prox card options, contact the experts at ProxSource to discuss your options.