External Printed Number

External Printed Number

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When you place an order for prox cards, you have the option to have the card sequence numbers printed on the cards. This is most often done for easy card identification.

Why Print Your Card Sequence Number?

Unless your prox cards are customized with the cardholder’s information including name or photo, prox cards come as blank white cards. This can make it difficult to know who a card belongs to – so printing the card sequence numbers makes it easy to identify and differentiate each card. The sequence number is printed in small text along the bottom of the card.

This can help you:

  • Assign cards to cardholders using the sequence number
  • Look up card information by the sequence number
  • Verify that your cards do not have the same number
  • Identify who a card belongs to if it is lost and returned to your organization

If you do not have the card’s sequence number printed on the card, you can only find that information by using a card reader to read the card.

Printing the card sequence numbers can add to the cost per card and order processing time. For more information, contact the experts at ProxSource.