Custom Pre-Printed Cards

Custom Pre-Printed Cards

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How many prox cards will you need per year?


If you will be using your prox cards as ID cards and clearance passes, you can order the cards already pre-printed with your design and information directly from the manufacturer.

Printed cards will help you visually identify employees or members, authorize entry into secured areas, and keep essential cardholder information easily at hand including their name, clearance level, department, and more.

Card manufacturers are able to handle much larger card orders than an ID card printer you may have in your office, making it quicker and easier than printing cards yourself. Manufacturers also use a different printing technique, allowing them to produce clearer, crisper images and colors compared to a desktop card printer.

What if I need a card design?

If you want pre-printed cards but do not have a card design, our experts can help! Custom card designs can be tailored to your specific needs to help you create unique and professional cards.

Our designers will work with you to create a design using your logos, images, colors, and text. Our affordable design packages include a design consultation, up to two hours of design time, and one proof with two revisions. Contact the design experts at Prox Source for more information or pricing.

Can I print on the cards myself?

If you would rather print on the cards yourself, make sure to select a card made from specialty material designed for printing (the manufacturer will note this on product pages). This allows you to print new cards on-demand or issue replacement cards as needed without placing a large order.

You can also customize pre-printed cards with cardholder information using a low cost, high yield monochrome printer ribbon. This is an affordable compromise between having your cards completely printed by the manufacturer and printing the full color design with more expensive YMCKO ribbons.

This is often used for membership cards and employee ID cards at gyms and health clubs, large office buildings, and more. You can add the cardholder name, the date issued, when the card expires, or other information important to your card program.

Please Note: You should only use a reverse transfer printer to print on prox cards as the uneven surface can damage the printhead.