Proprietary Card Formats

Proprietary Card Formats

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Proximity and access control cards come in a wide variety of formats. Many of them can be purchased from any store, but proprietary formats belong to a single business and can only be purchased from that store. That business owns the card format, and it cannot be duplicated by other businesses.

Common Open Card Formats

There are hundreds of open card formats, but this chart shows some of the most common ones we see.

Card Format Format Notes
H10301 26-bit Open Format
H10306 34-bit Open Format
H5XXXX 35-bit HID Corporate 1000
H10302 37-bit Does Not Use Facility Code
H10304 37-bit
H10314 40-bit Open Format
Initialized 42-bit HID Programmer
40134 26-bit Indala
AWID26 26-bit AWID
Quadrakey 32-bit Honeywell
D10202 33-bit DSX
N10002 34-bit Honeywell/Northern Computers
L10001 34-bit Geoffrey/Schlage
S12906 36-bit Simplex
C15001 36-bit Keyscan
C10202 36-bit Continental
S10401 37-bit AMAG
C10106 40-bit GE – Casi Rusco
BSB 27-bit HID
Codepoint 33-bit HID
Amano40 40-bit Amano

How to tell if Your Cards are Proprietary

Not sure if your prox cards are proprietary or not? If your format isn’t on that list, then there’s a good chance it may be proprietary. For help evaluating your cards, contact the experts at ProxSource.

What to do if Your Cards are Proprietary

If your proximity cards are a proprietary format, then you may be limited to only ordering more cards in that format from that company.

Even if your cards are proprietary, however, it is possible that your card readers and access control system can read other non-proprietary formats. Look at your access control software to see which formats it can read. If you aren’t sure, contact the experts at ProxSource for help.