Corporate 1000

Corporate 1000

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HID’s exclusive Corporate 1000 program allows members to register their card information (including card format, facility code, and sequence numbers) with HID to track their card information.

Why Track your Cards?

When you order proximity cards, you’ll need several key pieces of information: card format, facility code, and card sequence range. This information is especially important for the card number – cards with duplicate numbers won’t work, so you need to order the next box of cards starting on a new number in the available range.

If you order cards with the wrong information, they may not work with your access control systems – and since prox cards aren’t eligible for refunds, you want to order the correct cards the first time.

By registering your HID cards you can pull up this information each time you order new cards, ensuring that your cards always have the correct information. And you aren’t limited to purchasing cards only from HID.

Several other prox card manufactures are now creating similar programs. For more information, contact ProxSource.