Slot Punches

Slot Punches

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Slot punched cards are extremely convenient if you will not be placing your cards in badge holders because the slot allows them to be attached to lanyards and badge reels. These ID accessories keep the cards easily accessible for quick use at building entrances.

Ordering Pre-Punched Cards

When ordering your prox cards, you will be able to choose to have the cards slot punched. Do note that slot punching may come with an additional fee or cost per card, and can increase the order processing time.

When you order pre-punched cards, you will have to choose between vertical and horizontal slot punches. The slot punch is on a different side for vertically (portrait) or horizontally-oriented (landscape) cards, so you will need to know your card design when ordering.

Please Note: Clamshell cards are only available with a vertical slot punch.

Slot Punching Your Cards

You also have the option to slot punch the prox cards yourself. If you chose to slot punch the cards, the manufacturer can add indicators so you know which side to slot punch – if you punch in the wrong spot you will damage the internal proximity technology and the card will not work.

Please Note: If you will be printing on the cards yourself with an ID card printer you have in-house, you cannot pre-punch cards. The rough edges of the slot punch can tear the printer ribbons or damage the printhead.