iCLASS Cards

iCLASS Cards

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HID iCLASS cards were first introduced in 2002, building off of the technology and convenience of proximity cards. Using 13.56MHz read/write communication, iCLASS cards can read and write large amounts of data.

Advantages of iCLASS Smart Cards

HID iCLASS smart cards have several advantages over the more limited proximity cards:

  • Increased security – data is encrypted, and card/reader system uses mutual authentication to protect transmitted data
  • Ability to read & write – this allows the card to both send data (the only functionality a prox card has) and receive data
  • More storage – iCLASS smart cards range from a memory size of 2k bits up to 32kbits

Additionally, iCLASS contactless cards can be combination technology cards with options for:

  • Prox card technology
  • Magnetic stripes
  • Contact smart chips